Celebrating 5 years and 5 million ways you’ve made a difference…

A donation to the St. Marys Healthcare Foundation is a gift you can give knowing that 100% of the impact will be felt in the St. Marys healthcare community. Here’s how 5 years and your $5 million dollars in donations during the Someone I Know capital campaign have made a difference.

December 2014 –

Tradition Mutual Insurance donates $750,000 to the campaign, becoming the lead donor and naming sponsor for the Tradition Mutual Centre for Wellness

February 5, 2015 –

the St. Marys Memorial Hospital Foundation officially launches the Someone I Know campaign to raise funds to update technology and infrastructure at the St. Marys Memorial Hospital and to expand the Wellness Centre.

 An excerpt from Doug Holliday (Board Chair) speech on February 5th.

"What changes is the evolution of health care services … What does not change is the commitment of the community … Our hospital and Wellness Centre are the heart of our community and the more we can do to improve these facilities, the more we strengthen grass roots health care in the community. Our mandate at the Foundation is to enable our health care professionals by providing the best facilities, the best tools, the best equipment and the best technology that we can afford. By doing this we feel that strengthen our position in terms of providing the best care that we can for our community. We have set a lofty goal for this campaign. Over the next two to three years our goal is to raise 5 million dollars.”

Quadro Communications Donation

July 2015 –

Quadro Communications becomes a marquee donor gifting $500,000 to the campaign

November 2015 –

the Someone I Know campaign reaches $2,500,000 with 50% of the fundraising goal raised in less than one year!

$ 0

Less than one year.

November 2015–

The Foundation purchases a defibrillator and echocardiogram (ECG) to upgrade the Emergency Department at the St. Marys Memorial Hospital with a donation from St. Marys Cement.

October 2016 –

The Foundation purchases a portable digital x-ray machine for the St. Marys Memorial Hospital with funds donated by Veterinary Purchasing Co. Ltd.

AUGUST 2017 –

The Someone I Know campaign goes “over the top” of its fundraising goal with

$ 0
Over the Top - SomeOne I Know

May 23, 2018 –

Ground is broken on the building site for the Tradition Mutual Centre for Wellness  expansion – a $2.9 million, two storey, 7,433 square foot addition to the original 2003 facility. The Centre is a model for primary care, providing St. Marys and the surrounding rural community access to physicians and support services such as family counselling, a dietician, and a pharmacist.

February 1, 2019 –

The St. Marys Memorial Hospital Foundation becomes the St. Marys Healthcare Foundation to recognize its continued commitment to creating a healthy community for our family, friends and neighbours.

June 2019 –

The first patients get to utilize the expansion at Tradition Mutual Centre for Wellness.

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