St. Marys, Ontario | Canada

— About Us —

The Health And Wellbeing Of Our Community Is A Cause We All Share

Our Mission: a healthy, active community.

The St. Marys Healthcare Foundation passionately raises funds that support the equipment needs of the St. Marys Memorial Hospital. We also provide community awareness for the immediate needs and long-term goals of the St. Marys Memorial Hospital, Tradition Mutual Centre for Wellness, the Mobility Bus, and other local organizations and projects that encourage healthy and active lifestyles and support our vision and mandate.

Since 1992, the Foundation has established campaigns, including fundraisers such as our Christmas “Be An Angel” mailout, our bi-annual Gala, and the annual Golf Tournament. Our fundraisers support high-quality rural healthcare and community activities that promote physical and mental health.

Our Healthcare Priorities

Your donations continue to support a range of local projects and initiatives:

Here For You Today, Building For Tomorrow hospital rebuild project that will commence summer 2022.

The construction of the Tradition Mutual Centre for Wellness was completed in 2003 – described as a “model of Primary Health Care” – combining state-of-the-art medical facilities and a YMCA Fitness centre. It is a draw to recruit and retain healthcare professionals for our town.

The expansion of the Tradition Mutual Centre for Wellness in 2018/2019 will provide $2.9 million in updates, a second storey addition, 7,433 square foot expansion, and will create additional space for the Happy Valley Family Health Team as well as a teaching space for medical residents

The expansion of the Tradition Mutual Centre for Wellness in 2018/2019 will provide $2.9 million in updates, a second storey addition, 7,433 square foot expansion, and will create additional space for the Happy Valley Family Health Team as well as a teaching space for medical residents

The Foundation is proud to support the efforts of the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance.

— Our Board & Staff —

Cindy Bilyea

In 2018, Cindy became a member of the Foundation board. Together with her husband Norm, she operates a farm business in the Granton area. They have successfully raised four sons and are proud grandparents to seven grandchildren. Throughout the years, Cindy has assumed leadership positions in various organizations such as South Perth Centennial School, St. Marys Minor Hockey Association, Kirkton Horticulture Society, and Quadro Communications.

"Whenever our large and active family required medical assistance, St. Marys Memorial Hospital provided us with exceptional care. Ensuring that our hospital remains up-to-date with cutting-edge equipment and infrastructure is crucial for maintaining its status as a strong and sustainable pillar of our community."

Cindy's dedication to giving back to the community will persist as she takes on her role in the St. Marys Healthcare Foundation.

Amanda McCurdy

"More than two decades ago, when we were deciding where to establish our roots, one crucial factor that influenced our decision was the availability of local healthcare. The presence of St. Marys Memorial Hospital and the promising plans to expand the medical clinic, especially at a time when many communities lacked access to primary healthcare, made the choice to settle in St. Marys an effortless one.

The initiation of the "Someone I Know Campaign" and the commitment to enhance primary care services ignited a deep-seated desire within me to contribute and support healthcare in our community in any way possible. My goal is to ensure that both the hospital and the medical clinic continue to deliver exceptional care to our family and the community, not just for the present but also for the long-term future."

Pat Craigmile

With over 35 years of experience in recreation and sports within the City of Mississauga, Pat possesses a wealth of knowledge in strategic planning, project management, human resources, negotiation skills, event planning, and customer service. Throughout her remarkable career, she collaborated with more than 200 community-based recreation and sports organizations. Despite her professional journey, Pat's roots remained firmly grounded in St. Marys. She made the decision to return to her hometown to be closer to her loved ones.

Driven by an unwavering passion for giving back to the community, Pat has found a profound sense of purpose as a member of the St. Marys Memorial Hospital Foundation. By being a part of this esteemed organization, she actively contributes to the betterment of the community she holds dear.

Amy Cubberley

Amy has been an appreciated member of the St. Marys Healthcare Foundation Board since 2018. Her decision to become involved was ignited by her proximity to the hospital, where she witnessed firsthand the constant hustle of its daily operations. As someone working in the cultural sector of municipal government, Amy firmly believes that accessible healthcare plays a vital role in fostering the overall vibrancy and well-being of a community.

Beyond her professional commitments, Amy finds joy in world travel and camping adventures. However, she also deeply appreciates the treasures that St. Marys has to offer, such as running the scenic Grand Trunk Trail and kayaking the serene waters of the Thames. Amy also volunteer with St. Marys Girl Guides, where she has the opportunity to share her passion for community building and the wonders of the great outdoors.

Linda McFadyen

Linda, a proud St. Marys native, returned to her hometown in 1995. She raised three daughters who now reside across Canada and is a loving grandmother to five grandchildren. Linda recently retired from her career at Heartland Farm Mutual Insurance, where she worked in the claims department. Throughout her professional life, she made significant contributions as a certified Kinesiologist, working in clinical settings, health management, clinic management, and developing programs to support injured clients in their work readiness.

Now that Linda has entered retirement, she is eager to give back to her community. Supporting the local hospital holds immense importance to Linda, her family, and the community as a whole. Inspired by her mother's volunteer work at the hospital and her grandfather's role as Chairman, Linda believes in the value of healthcare and its integral programs. She is enthusiastic about contributing to the cause by serving on the board.

In her leisure time, she enjoys racing sailboats in Kincardine, engaging in road and mountain biking, participating in curling, and practicing yoga.

Scott Graham

Scott, a lifelong resident of St. Marys, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Having retired from farming and previously served as the Chairman of Egg Farmers of Ontario, Scott has a deep-rooted connection to the community and a strong understanding of its needs.

With a genuine enthusiasm for making a difference, Scott eagerly looks forward to contributing to the St. Marys Healthcare Foundation's mission of supporting the St. Marys Memorial Hospital. His goal is to ensure that the hospital continues to deliver high-quality healthcare services to the local residents, fostering a healthier and thriving community for everyone.

Erin Reynolds

Erin brings a wealth of global perspective to the table, gained from her leadership role in Samsonite Canada's Marketing department and collaboration with their international Marketing teams. With a mother who has a nursing background, Erin possesses a keen understanding of the vital significance of St. Marys Hospital and its profound impact on the community.

Raised in St. Marys and having returned to the community nearly a decade ago, Erin feels privileged to have the opportunity to give back to the local healthcare system. She recognizes the invaluable support and care that she, her family, neighbors, and friends have received from the hospital throughout the years. It is with a sense of gratitude and a desire to make a meaningful contribution that Erin actively engages in supporting the local healthcare system.

John Stevens

John has benefitted from having a hospital in the community. I can attest to the importance in having such a facility close-by to handle emergencies within minutes rather than being sent to another city. John has volunteered for the annual golf tournament for several years and has enjoyed interacting with the committee members. He sees it as an opportunity to give what I can, but also learn from others who are talented in areas I’m not.

Mike Brine

In 2019, Mike joined the Foundation board. Residing on a farm west of St. Marys with his wife, Patty, they have raised two adult children together. Mike has dedicated his entire career to the agricultural industry and currently serves as the AgriBusiness Specialist at Trillium Mutual Insurance.

Having been a lifelong resident of the area, he and his family have made use of the hospital on numerous occasions, and he believes that good healthcare starts with an effective local hospital. The Foundation’s role in maintaining and updating the hospital is vital if we are to have a viable healthcare system in our community.

Brandon Boyd

Brandon, a proud St. Marys native, was born and raised in the community. As a co-owner of a local insurance brokerage, he is deeply connected to the town and its residents. Brandon's passion for the well-being of the community is evident through his role as the President of the St. Marys Lincolns and his involvement in Minor Hockey.

Not only does Brandon actively contribute to local sports organizations, but he also recognizes the importance of healthcare through his wife's profession in the healthcare industry. Together, they place high value on the role played by the St. Marys Healthcare Foundation in making the town an exceptional place to live and thrive.

Dr. Jon Schiedel

Andrew Williams

Andrew is the President & CEO of the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance (HPHA) since its establishment in 2003. With over 25 years of healthcare leadership experience, he has worked with various healthcare organizations locally and across Canada. His expertise encompasses a wide range of settings, including community, teaching, and research hospitals, as well as regional systems and private clinics. Andrew is a strong advocate for patient and family centred care, emphasizing the importance of meeting individual patient needs in the safest and most appropriate manner.

Andrew holds an Honours Degree in Biology and a Masters in Health Services Administration from Dalhousie University. He is an active member of the Canadian College of Healthcare Leaders and the American College of Healthcare Executives. Additionally, Andrew serves as a Surveyor with Accreditation Canada.

Andrew and his wife and two sons reside in the Perth South area.

April Barker

April became a valuable member of the Foundation in November 2020, where she contributes her expertise on a part-time basis. Her responsibilities include gift processing, bookkeeping, and database management.

April, along with her husband Brian, operates a farm located west of St. Marys, and together they are raising three young boys. April's contributions to the Foundation play a crucial role in supporting the organization's operations and ensuring efficient management of its resources.

Bernice De Decker

Bernice is a wonderful fit as the Foundation's Communications and Fundraising Coordinator. With her expertise in Public Relations and Marketing, she is enthusiastic about engaging with the community. Being born and raised in a small town herself, Bernice deeply appreciates the significance of the St. Marys Memorial Hospital.