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Our family, friends and neighbours continue to benefit from the local healthcare services provided at the St. Marys Memorial Hospital and the Tradition Mutual Centre for Wellness. By selecting one of these ways to give, you are directly investing in the future of these services and the continued tradition of high-quality rural healthcare in our community.


St Marys Memorial Hospital is “1 of 2 Top Performers for Inpatient and Emergency services.” Acording to a province-wide patient satisfaction survey. And in the top 10% for Overall Care … province-wide!

National Research Corporation Canada (NRCC)

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In Memory

Donate in memory of someone special. Your donation helps support the needs of the  St. Marys Memorial Hospital to keep compassionate care in our community.

Donations can always be made in person or by mail. More Info…

An investment in healthcare, is an investment in your community. Your financial gift is an important investment in St. Marys Memorial Hospital, the Tradition Mutual Centre for Wellness, and the health of our patients and community. At the St. Marys Healthcare Foundation, our aim is to direct your contribution to meet the needs of our growing and aging population.

With our mission of a healthy, active community, together, we can make this happen. We truly value your support.

We’ll mail/email you an income tax receipt right away, and know you’re a valued part of a giving community.