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Helping our Community Hospital and Frontline Staff:

We are proud to support our doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and frontline staff who continue to provide a high level of care needed during these extraordinary times.

An investment in healthcare, is an investment in your community. Your financial gift is an important investment in St. Marys Memorial Hospital, the Tradition Mutual Centre for Wellness, and the health of our patients and community. At the St. Marys Healthcare Foundation, our aim is to direct your contribution to meet the needs of our growing and aging population.

With our mission of a healthy, active community, together, we can make this happen. We truly value your support.

We’ll mail/email you an income tax receipt right away, and know you’re a valued part of a giving community.

to the St Marys Memorial Hospital’s Reception Desk located at…

You can also give by sharing your story. Have you been impacted by the care you or a loved one has been shown? Please share with us your story of healthcare in St. Marys and join with us as we honour our caregivers.