For Immediate Release August 31, 2020

Never Mind 2020, 50/50 is Here.

Win/Win fundraising for St. Marys Healthcare Foundation

(St. Marys) – An opportunity to win a monthly jackpot will also support much needed updates to the St. Marys Hospital.

“2020 has been a challenging year for everyone. Our 50/50 lottery is a true win/win,” says Krista Linklater, Executive Director of St. Marys Healthcare Foundation. “Each month, someone potentially in our community will win a jackpot. Everyone buying tickets will help support healthcare, right here in St. Marys.”

The monthly lottery opens on September 1st, at 9 a.m., with tickets being sold on line at Tickets can be purchased for as little as $5.00 for 3 entries, 10 entries for $10.00 and the best value at $20.00 for 60 chances to win.

“COVID-19 meant we had to rethink our approach to fundraising because in-person events were not possible or had drastically changed. COVID-19 has also meant that upgrades to our hospital are more important than ever, while our previous needs have not gone away.”

“The rooms already needed to be renewed to accommodate changing medical equipment and practices, while still being comfortable for patients and visiting families,” says Andrew Williams, President and CEO of Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance. “But now we have a heightened urgency to ensure that our patient areas are updated to more readily allow for efficient infection control measures. Also, COVID has underscored the importance of our plans for negative pressure rooms at St. Marys, which are used for COVID patients and other infectious viruses.”

The Foundation also promotes and supports community health and well-being services, like mental health care, and the Tradition Mutual Centre for Wellness providing excellent primary care.

“These are areas that our community understands are critically important to the overall resilience of our community,” explains Ms. Linklater. “The 50/50 lottery will help us raise the needed funds to ensure we are Here For You Now, Ready for Tomorrow.”

The lottery is open to Ontario residents 18 years or older. Tickets are bought online only.

For more information and interviews contact Krista Linklater – 519-284-1332 ext. 3450

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