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Teddy Bear Love

A Grateful Patient.

On March 7, 2023, Michelle had to take her two-year-old son to the St. Marys Memorial Hospital Emergency Department for a high fever. Michelle got there at 5, and was home by 7, even with a stop at the pharmacy to get his medication!. 

The triage nurse gave Michelle’s son a teddy bear to make him feel better and more comfortable. Her son has developed a fear of doctors and nurses since he had surgery back in December, so he was distraught when the nurse wanted to check his oxygen and temperature.  

The teddy bear made him feel better, and he stopped crying and hugged the bear the whole time at the hospital. He took it with him to get his medication, and when he went to bed that night. He still sleeps with the teddy bear every night and hugs it tight when he is going to sleep.  

Our doctor was terrific and checked my son all over before we left. Thank you, St. Marys Emerge, for an excellent job! 

Thanks to Marlene Forman for donating the Teddy Bears to the hospital from the Teddy Bear Reunion.