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Gary and Maria, Grateful Patient Story | St. Marys Memorial Hospital, Ontario

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Things Can Change Quickly

A Grateful Patient.

As a small town we are so fortunate to have a hospital with amazing staff and volunteers! Our grateful patient, Gary Urquhart, who operates a farm with his wife and two sons in the Kirkton area, can attest to this when he suffered a heart attack in May of 2021. Thankfully, he was not alone when this happened, and his wife was able to call 911 right away. The ambulance got Gary from his house, and went straight to the St. Marys Memorial Hospital. 

Gary expressed his gratitude to all the paramedics, nurses, and staff who helped him during this difficult time; however, he wanted to thank Dr. Laurie Komorowski and attending nurse. Dr. Komorowski was the on-call doctor who got him stabilized, and she stayed with him while he got transferred to the University Hospital in London. When he arrived at the University Hospital, they took him into surgery. Gary had to get four stents, and within a few hours, he was back in his room to recover. They kept him at the University Hospital for a few days before he was sent home! 

A couple of days after Gary was discharged, he participated in a 12-week rehabilitation program through the University Hospital. This program was virtual and discussed everything from heart health, exercise, food, etc. 

Gary says, I have no complaints with the attention I got, between the paramedics and the hospital staff who took great care of me. One thing I took away from all of this is that things can change quickly. Every household should have some aspirin in case of an emergency for a heart attack because it can really make a difference! 

It has almost been a year since Gary’s heart attack, and he is doing great!  We are so thankful for our amazing team of healthcare workers!